Henery Perez

Elect Henry Perez

Perez has served you as the Alderman of the 12th district since 2013. He values the diverse community we live in and strives to be a servant leader. He values equity in his decisions and brings to the table a broad range of experience.

When elected Mayor, Perez hopes to bring to the table a forensic audit so we can see how our taxes have really been used. We are tired of being nickel and dimed to death and tired of the lack of transparency in the decisions that are being made at the top level. We need to know how our taxes are really being spent and prioritize where our money goes.

We need to recognize the need for public safety and properly fund the police and fire departments. Perez is concerned when members of the community have come up to him and stated that they are afraid to leave their homes because they are scared at the current level of crime and shootings in our city. Perez believes that we must address this issue right away, properly, and not make it a photo op only.

Perez recognizes that we have one of the best marinas from Sheboygan to Grand Haven Michigan, He believes that working with the County we can make our City a better hub for tourist and economic growth by developing our downtown and main street into a truly desirable place to enjoy and spend time and money in.
The community needs to be heard! The current process in place, the “Queue”, is not serving us well. We need to rescind this process and make sure that there is transparency, and we can address all the concerns of our residents in our community.

Perez also had concerns with our antiquated zoning laws and will demand a complete audit and overhaul of the existing rules. This will encourage more economic development in our community, as well as address our food desert.

Perez believes that all persons are important, and we need to address the mental health concerns and homeless concerns that are affecting our city.

Perez desires to have a designated representative to address each of our minority residents’ concerns. The community needs a person who they feel comfortable talking to and helping them resolve their issues, everything from opening a business to getting g a loan. This needs to be an important part of the puzzle as we develop a complete picture of what we want our community to look like.

Your prayers and financial support are very much coveted and appreciated.
Please contact Perez at 305-989-6147 by text or call and share your ideas and concerns on how we can turn this great city, our home, around and make it fulfill its potential.

A Strong History


Perez was a law enforcement officer and supervisor for 18 years in Miami. He has been a state licensed security officer since 2008. He has been recognized as a dedicated community servant and received over a dozen department awards. This is inclusive of the Employee Excellence Award and the “Key to the County”. He has been a supervisor and administrator. Perez has been a police instructor and trainer specializing in Community Policing, Traffic Safety, Human and Community Relations, and many other areas of training. Perez has instructed in Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Perez has served the church in numerous capacities. He has been an Evangelist, Pastor, Youth Pastor, Counselor, Director of Counselor Education, Urban Curriculum Editor, Elder, Deacon, Church Safety Consultant, Delegate to the “Synod of the Christian Reformed Church”, Author of a published article on Diversity and Inclusivity, Associate Pastor, Church Planter, and Trainer. Directed a homeless shelter and provided security for H.A.L.O.

Perez has received recognition from the Urban League, and L.U.L.A.C., as well as from The Rotary Club.

Perez continues to represent those that come to him for help and assistance. And is often seen reaching across the table to those that need help.


He is a dedicated Community Development Leader and Mentor


Experienced Administrator and Teacher


Over 4 Decades of Security and Law Enforcement Experience


Current Alderman of the 12th District in the City of Racine

Results and Accomplishments

Community Leadership

Perez has been recognized in the City of Racine for his work in City Council and specifically with the homeless by the Rotary Club, his work in the Hispanic and Latino Community by L.U.L.A.C., having received the coveted Juan Carlos Ruiz, Community Leadership Award, and his work as a community developer and mentor with youth and minorities having received the Martin Luther King Jr, Community Service Award, given by the Urban League.

City of Racine City Council

Perez has been serving in the Racine City Council since 2013. He has served on the Community Development Committee, the Cemetery Commission, The Traffic Commission, the Finance and Personnel Committee, the Public Works and Services Committee, the Public Safety and Licensing Committee, the Committee of the Whole, and the Common Council, representing the 12th District. Perez has also served on the Racine County Human Services Board.

Community Involvement

Perez is a state-licensed armed security guard and a Notary Public. He instructs in the area of Home Defense and Concealed Carry as well as in Anaphylaxis treatment He is an inner-city school teacher. He is a member of the Friends of Cesar Chavez Community Center and a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens as well as a member of the NAACP. His involvement in the community continues to grow as the needs arise.

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