Re-Elect Henry Perez

For City of Racine Alderman 12th District

Perez currently serves as your Alderman in the 12th District of Racine. He serves and brings to the table a broad range of experiences. He values the diversity of the community and strives for equity in his decisions. He believes in being a servant leader and represents you in the Council. He is concerned about fiscal responsibility, keeping the City safe, and attracting economic development.
Perez uses his experience in interviewing skills to ask tough questions and demand reliable answers. He thoughtfully thinks through the issues before the votes and takes the best interest of the City and the community to heart.  He is working on your behalf for a better future tomorrow. Your prayerful and financial support is also very much appreciated. Remember that every vote counts.

A Strong History


Perez was a Miami Dade Police Officer, a State Attorney Investigator II, and a Police Officer and Sergeant in the Pinecrest Police Department where he finished his career as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Perez enjoyed his law enforcement career where he was recognized as a dedicated community servant and received over a dozen Department Commendations including the “Key to the County”, the “Employee Excellence Award”, and over one hundred Community Commendations. Perez was a Police Instructor and Trainer specializing in Traffic Safety, Human and Community Relations, and Community Policing. Perez instructed in Florida and Michigan.

Perez then accepted a call to Racine as the Youth and Outreach Pastor at Racine Christian Reformed Church. Perez has served the church in many capacities including being an elder, deacon, assistant pastor, church planter, evangelist, curriculum editor, and delegate to the “Synod of the Christian Reformed Church”. Perez served the Calvinist Cadet Corps as a Developer of Counselor Education, Counselor, and author of the Law and Order Guide Trail, a merit badge guidebook for the Cadets. Perez has served churches in Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Perez is currently the Associate Pastor at Kenosha Christian Reformed Church. Perez had one of his articles about diversity and inclusivity published in The Banner, “A Family of Cousins”.


Dedicated Community Development Leader and Mentor


30 + years of Law Enforcement and Security Experience


Experienced Administrator and Teacher


Pastor in the Christian Reformed Church


Current Alderman of the City of Racine’s 12th District

Results and Accomplishments

Community Leadership

Perez has been recognized in the City of Racine for his work in City Council and specifically with the homeless by the Rotary Club, his work in the Hispanic and Latino Community by Lulac, having received the coveted Juan Carlos Ruiz, Community Leadership Award, and his work as a community developer and mentor with youth and minorities having received the Martin Luther King Jr, Community Service Award, given by the Urban League.

City of Racine City Council

Perez has been serving in the Racine City Council since 2013. He has served on the Community Development Committee, the Cemetery Commission, the Finance and Personnel Committee, the Public Works and Services Committee, the Public Safety and Licensing Committee, the Committee of the Whole, and the Common Council representing the 12th District. Perez has also served on the Racine County Human Services Board.

Community Involvement

Perez is a state-licensed armed security guard and a Notary Public. He is a Pastor and an inner-city school teacher. He is a member of the Friends of Cesar Chavez Community Center and a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens as well as a member of the NAACP. His involvement in the community continues to grow as the needs arise.


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